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Buddhism became popular in part because it did not defend....

1. dharma

2. the Hindu gods

3. the caste system****

4. life after death

This religion believes that the way to stop suffering is to stop desire

1. Buddhism***

2. Judaism

3. Hinduism

4. Jainism

This religion believes in karma, or that your actions in your life would have consequences.

1. Buddhism

2. Judaism

3. Altruism

4. Hinduism

The two groups of Buddhists who spread Buddha's ideas to Southwest Asia were

1. Ceylon and Sri Lanka

2. Myanmar and Thailand

3. Cambodia and Laos

4. Theravada and Mahayana

Ms.Sue can u please check my answers as soon as possible?? Please

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    Your two answers are right.

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    Oh wait sorry I forgot to tell u my other two answers for number 3 I choose Hinduism and for question 4 I choose Therauada and Mahayana am I right? Thanks again:)

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    Ms. Sue??

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    Your 3rd and 4th answers are correct, too.

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    Thanks so much:)

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    This religion believes in karma, or that your actions in your life would have consequences.

    Therauada and Mahayana for the last question.

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    Thanks so much I got a 100%.Iv used this website and got 3 100% today thanks everyone

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    same ^^^

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    we are low-key all connections cheaters

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    Just did this and got 100%

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    d trust me i just took it and got 100% 4/4

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    100% Right

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    a a
    c c
    d b

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