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posted by tonyloaf

how did president wilson react to the russian revolution?

1.he welcomed it because it removed czar from power
2.he opposed it because it broke up their alliance
3.he supported it for withdrawing the nation from war
4.he condemned it for destroying democratic government
i really need help on this one!

  1. Reed

    Actually, none of these statements is fully true. Pres. Wilson first welcomed the Russian Revolution and favored the White Russians, hoping for democracy in Russia, but later felt that the communists or Bolsheviks had corrupted the Revolution.

  2. tonyloaf

    thanks, but which one would you say is most true?

  3. tonyloaf

    it was 1. thanks for nothing

  4. Ms. Sue

    Obviously, the author of your question used the opinion of your text author. Different people have different view points.

  5. dude

    what were the answers??

  6. tonyloaf

    the answer was 1

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