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my answer has the ****
1. What is the smallest part of all matter called? (1 point) *
a. Element
b. Atom*****
c. Molecule
d. Compound
2. Which of the subatomic particles is negative? (1 point)
a. Nucleus
b. Neutron
c. Proton
d. Electron***
3. Who provided the first evidence that atoms contain subatomic particles? (2 points) *
a. Thomson****
b. Rutherford
c. Dalton
d. Newton
4. When two fluorine atoms share a pair of electrons, the bond that forms is a(n) _____________. (2 points) *
a. Double bond
b. Polar covalent bond
c. Nonpolar covalent bond****
d. Ionic bond
5. How would you find the number of neutrons in an atom? (2 points) *
a. Atomic number - mass number
b. Mass number - atomic number***
c. Electrons + protons
d. Protons - electrons
6. Isotopes of an element have the same atomic number, but different mass numbers because they have different numbers of ________________. (2 points) *
a. Electrons***
b. Protons
c. Neutrons
d. Subatomic particles
7. Electrons in the first energy level of an atom, (2 points) *
a. Have no energy
b. Have the lowest possible energy***
c. Have the highest possible energy
d. Are unstable

  1. Anonymous

    i think 6 is actually c

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