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Who's job is it to line up the votes of the members of the party that holds the most seats in a chamber?
A) president pro tempore
B) Speaker of the house
C) Minority whip
D) majority whip ****

The president of the Senate also serves as the _____?
A) Head of the Appropriations Committee ***
B) Lieutenant governor
C) majority whip
D) Head of the Supreme Court

Choose all of the following that are true statements about the committee System. (Choose 2)
A) The committee system divides the workload and save time
B) The committee system allows legislators with expertise in a certain area to provide guidance and proposed legislation ***
C) Committee chairpersons are generally honorary title is with no real power ***
D) all Senate committees are temporary

Which type of committee must be formed if the House and Senate passed different versions of the same Bill?
A) A standing committee
B) an interim Study committee
C) A conference committee ****
D) A committee on higher education

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    1 correct
    2 no - although your state may be different than most
    3 correct
    4 correct

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    Actually, number 3 is not entirely correct. It's A and B. Not B and C.

    Number two, is B.

    The rest you got correct.

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    The correct answers are
    100% just did the quick check
    Unit 1: Lesson 4 Georgia's Government and Law

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    Thank you Yup <3

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    Yup is right

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