Texas history

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1. Who were the buffalo soldiers?

A. African-American US Calvary units that fought against the Comanche

B. Comanche rangers who also hunted buffalo

C. Private security hired by Texas cattleman to protect them from the Comanche

D. Soldiers of signed by the US army to attack the Comanche way of life by slaughtering buffalo

2. Why did the Comanche raid white settlements in Texas?
A. They intended to end expansion into Texas

B. They wanted to increase her population by bringing woman and children into the group

C. They wanted to terrorize other native groups

D. They solid as a way to increase trade with settlers

3. What drove Quanah Parker to fight so hard against the United States ?

A. He believe the Comanche should be free to roam where they wanted
B. He wants to prove that he was loyal to the Comanche

C. He wanted to save his mother and sister from the Texas rangers

D. He was angry that his family was separated in raids

4. What made the Comanche except that their fate was to live on a reservation ?

A. After losing several wars with the government the Comanche could no longer fight and except the reservations

B. Cynthia Parker convince the Comanche chief that living on the reservations was a more stable fate for the Comanche people

C. The US Army was going to wage war otherwise so they surrounded to reservation life

D. They determined that the profits of farming and cuddling ranches were better than their former life hood of hunting buffalo

Last lesson of year and I need a ok grade to pass with an A. It sounds like a lie and I'm sorry if it does but there was a hurricane at home and my friend had all my school stuff bc we did school together and my stuff got destroyed for school. Since I do online school my teachers said I still had to finish on time. I'm trying to study using the internet but if someone could tell what the answers are, I can research them. I don't want to guess or cheat bc I have staar in this subject!!

  1. Writeacher

    Someone here will be happy to check YOUR answers ... if it's clear you're not guessing or trying to cheat, that is.

  2. Writeacher

    PS. There's been no hurricane lately in Texas!

  3. wwjkjgfsgsh

    I know it seem like it is hard to belive but trust me I just took it and got 100

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