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13. how did the embargo act of 1807 affect south carolina?
a. it hurt the sale of the planters' rice and cotton
b. it hurt the planters who needed british manufactured goods
c. it hurt the aristocrats who could not longer send their sons to school in england
d. it hurt the small farmers who needed to import food products from the west indies

15. how did the national bank regulate he nation's economy?
a. it controlled the supply of currency
b. it made loans to businesses
c. it sold government bonds
d. it paid high interest rates

18. describe the economic and political differences between the up country and the low country. how do these differences lead to tensions between the group.

i honestly have no clue about any of these questions. history isn't my best subject

  1. Ms. Sue

    What does your text say about the embargo act of 1807?

    What does your text say about the other two questions?

  2. chloe

    my textbook is in the mail on the way but i don't have it right now.

  3. the emo girl </3

    ms.sue are u a real teacher or what ?

  4. Ms. Sue

    Yes, I'm a real teacher.

  5. the emo girl </3

    oh coool ms.sueee lol xD

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