Spanish 2 Present Subjunctive

posted by Lucy

Please check my answers. I know I'm missing accents.

1. Os recomienda que ___ otra llave de recepcion.
a) pedis
b) pidais***
c) piden
d) pida

2. Which of the following sentences is correct?
a) Es importante tu estudies mucho.
b) Es necesario que hacer ejercicio.
c) Es mejor que la llames por telefono.***
d) Es bueno que nosotros quedarnos en un hotel.

3) Es importante no ____ la llave de habitacion.
a) pierdes***
b) pierdas
c) perder
d) perdas

1. It can't be A or C because they're not present subjunctive. The Os means the __ is nosotros meaning pedais, right? Or is the nosotros telling the tu, pida?
2. No 'que' in A so no use for the present subjunctive, in D quedarnos is wrong form. It's C or D.
3. There's no "que" which means no present subjunctive (right?) which makes me think it's a trick question trying to get me to choose B: pierdas when it's A: pierdes

  1. katrina

    I speak spanish so here's what i think but I'm not 100%

    1. B and i think you meant pidias

  2. SraJMcGin

    1 & 2 are correct. In #3, es importante requires the Subjunctive except there is no "que" so the answer is the infinitive = C.


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