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Good evening. I have a problem in English Language Arts. I have to write a poem.
The instructions are as follows:
Write a short poem that reflects the mood you interpret of a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter). Follow the requirements listed below:
1. The poem must be 8 lines and it does not have to rhyme.
2. Use 4 rich verbs/adjectives to illustrate the mood of the season. Highlight these words in your poem.
3. Give your poem a unique title.
4. Make sure your poem has an obvious setting and one identifiable character.
5. Write the poem through your unique point of view. Use first person point of view.

My poem:
The snow is falling and the ground is white
Everything is peaceful and quiet on this cold winter night
Not even a sound of a mouse can be heard
How absurd?
Santa is on his way.
How far away?
I feel happy and excited.
I am tired and delighted.

The above is the poem which I have put together but I am stuck on what words I need to highlight in the above poem. Please help.

  1. Reed

    Which words are descriptive of the scene, your feelings, etc.? Your verbs are mostly intransitive, not active, but your descriptive words do "paint" the scene, etc.

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