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What does the narrator of “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” want?

people to reject computers
computers to rule man and animal
the natural world to swallow up technology
computers and living things to live together in a natural harmony

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
8. Who does Walter face in his final fantasy? (1 point)
a battalion of soldiers
a firing squad
circling sharks

14. In “A Sound of Thunder,” what does the change in the spelling of TIME SAFARI signify? (1 point)
that they have arrived in the wrong year
that the machine has malfunctioned
that the travelers have changed during the journey
that the travelers have disrupted history

3. c

  1. Ms. Sue

    1.a - no
    2.b - yes
    3. c - no

  2. j.j

    1. b
    3. b ??

  3. Ms. Sue


    You've used up your two guesses. Now you're on your own. Please do not post these questions again.

  4. Mr knows nothing

    Once upon a time there was a unicorn named Mr knows nothing. Guesses are everything in this world Ms. Sue because you probably get sued a lot.

  5. bob


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