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Please help me with these questions and answer them all if you can.

The electoral college determine who becomes president and vice president. each state is given two votes in the college, as well as extra seats based on the states population. what is the purpose of the distribution of seats? (1 answer)

1. to ensure that the best candidate is elected president

2. to ensure that the best president is supported by most citizens

3. to ensure the president equally represents small large states

4. to ensure that the president best represents the more populated states

2. Why do United States citizens have civic responsibilities? (1 answer)

1. In a republic, the president can order any citizen to help

2. In a democracy, every citizen must earn their civil rights

3. In a democracy, the country is run by all citizen working together.

4. In a republic, the government needs help to understand citizens' concerns

Which of the following traits make a person a good voter? (2 answers)

1. interested in news

2. is a member of a political party

3. owns property or a business

4. pays federal taxes

5. serves as a volunteer or in the armed forces

Why is it important that news organizations stay independent of the government or of any political party?

1. News organizations have a duty to represent the least privileged people in society

2. News organizations are private businesses and are best run by individuals or corporations

3. News organizations must be able to fairly moderate debates between candidates in election season

4. News organizations should be free to inform voters about both the good and bad decisions of the government

  1. Writeacher

    And you think ... ?

    Remember this part on the Post a New Question page?

    Homework Posting Tips

    Please show your work. Tutors will not do your homework for you. Please show your work for any question that you are posting.


  2. Anonymous

    I think the answers are:
    1. 2

    2. 4

    3. 1, & 2

    4. 4

  3. Ms. Sue

    1 and 2 are wrong

    The other two appear to be misnumbered.

  4. Anonymous

    I think the answers are:
    1. is 1

    2. is 2

    3. is 1 and 2

    4 is 4

  5. Anonymous

    Can someone help? Please?

  6. Ms. Sue

    I only see questions numbered 1, 2, and 5.

    Your answers for 1 and 2 are still wrong. Please do not post those questions again. You're on your own now.

  7. Anonymous

    Okay, sooo if Ms. Sue lazy ass doesn't want to help me can anyone else?

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