American Government

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Check answers?
1) What is the main difference between the formal and informal qualifications for the House of Representatives?
A) Formal qualifications are outlined in the Constitution****
B) Formal qualifications do not have to be followed
C) Informal qualifications deal with age and citizenship
D) Informal qualifications are not political in nature

2) Which of the following powers does the Speaker of the House have? Select all that apply.
A) Interpreting the rules of the House
B) Deciding whether or not to pass a bill
C) Naming representatives to committees****
D) Apportioning seats in the House
E) Giving additional seats in the House to his or her state****

  1. Aria

    I think you're correct. I just did the lesson.

  2. Weeb

    2 is actually A, B, and C.

  3. No one

    2 was actually A , C and D

  4. Gooby

    Weeb is right ^^

  5. Alexandrea

    No, Weeb isn't correct, its A,C,D

  6. Bri

    A C D is correct don't listen to weeb

  7. Becky

    it was actually A D

  8. will

    becky you're wrong

  9. will

    becky you're wrong, as usual....

  10. newtotheparty

    who tf do I listen to??

  11. sup

    Ok i just took the test, the answer to number 2 is a) interpreting the rules of the house, c) naming representatives to committees, and d) Deciding when the house should debate a bill.... just for future refrence

  12. Death


  13. yesman

    1. C
    2. A
    3. A,C,D

  14. ^

    100% from yesman^

  15. mona

    thanks yesman got 100%

  16. Leon

    regardless of if its A, C or D the answers for 2 are

    interpreting the rules for the house

    and naming representatives to committees

    seriously guys, they change the order to the answers. you can't just say its ABCDEFG or whatever you have to state what the actual answers say because the teachers will mix everything up on purpose.

  17. nt

    Connections academy doesn't Leon

  18. Tess

    Can confirm that yesman is correct

  19. Serena


  20. DessBlicky

    Yesman is correct .

  21. anonymous

    thx yes man those answers were right!!!

  22. Makanani

    The answers are
    1.the size of the states population
    2.formal qualifications are are outlined in the constitution
    3.A,C and D

  23. Parrot

    Makanani is right.

  24. Braiden

    Yesman is 100% 5/5 correct I just used that hoping it was right and it was

  25. yoongi

    I just took it
    1. C
    2. A
    3. A, C, D

  26. bbygrl


  27. Fox Girl

    tysm guys! :D

  28. Pro answerer

    Yesman got it


    5/5 100%
    Yesman is correct

    1. C
    2. A
    3. A, C, D.

  30. awkwardness

    man...what a conversation lol they are right btw

  31. rabes

    1) C. by the size of the states population.
    2) A. formal qualifications are outlined in the constitution.
    3) A. interpreting the rules of the house
    C. naming representatives to committees.
    D. deciding when the House should debate a bill.

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