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Which of the following about american romanticism is not true.
a. romanticism originated in british literature and migrated to american literature.
b. Romanticism valued imagination and emotion over reason and intellect.
c. love is the primary theme in the literature of American Romanticism.
d. Gothic short stories are a subgenre of American Romanticism.

I think the answer is B

  1. Shiina


  2. Shiina

    1. D -
    Love is the primary theme in the literature of American romanticism.

    2. A -
    The natural and spiritual worlds are connected.

    3. D -
    a story of a tormented ghost,set in an old and dark church building

    4. B -

    5. B -
    genre within a genre

    6.C -Who;Roman;Catholic;President;United;States

    Let took the Lesson 1 Unit 2 (American Romanticism) Quick Check these answer are 100% correct hope this helps anyone who needs it 💕😉

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