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These sentences are from my test in which I answered these sentences incorrectly. So please suggest the right answers to them.
1)Ram said to me,"I go to school daily."(change to indirect speech)
2)He wrote me a letter.(change to passive voice)
3)Who built the Taj?(change to passive voice)
4)when we (feel) safe,we stopped to rest.
5)The judge was convinced his guilt.(fill preposition)

  1. Writeacher

    Start each sentence like these:

    1. Ram said that ...
    2. A letter ...
    3. The Taj ...

    4. Think about verb tenses: present, past, future. Find the main verb and let me know what its tense is. Write the verb (feel) in the same tense.

    5. ... convinced ___ his guilt.
    What preposition make sense in that blank?

  2. Diana

    can I write
    By whom was the Taj built? for 3) sentence

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