Physical Science 8th Grade

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1. What is the resulting direction of a surface wave? Is it perpendicular, parallel, opposite, or circular?

2. What happens when a mechanical wave travels through a medium? What is transferred - mass, particles, energy, or waves?

3. Which of these waves cannot travel in a vacuum? Choices are microwave, sound wave, light wave, and electromagnetic wave.

4. What is the amplitude of a wave?
(a) the distance traveled by the wave during one full cycle
(b) the amount of cycles that occur in a given time
(c) the size of the disturbance
(d) the amount of time that occurs in one full cycle

5. Unlike a transverse wave, the disturbance in a longitudinal wave is: parallel to the wave motion, perpendicular to the wave motion, in the opposite direction of the wave motion, or in a circular motion?

  1. Scott

    1. in a surface wave (like water); the water goes up and down, but the wave travels across (parallel to) the surface

    2. energy is transferred

    3. sound

    4. c

    5. parallel to (sound)

  2. classified

    I just need an answer please

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