8th Grade Electives Advice

posted by Anonymous

Hi, I'm really struggling with my decision about two electives that I really like. One is Journalism and the other is Creative Photography. If anyone knows or has experience can you please tell me the pros and cons about these two electives please? Also, I only have a few days left to decide which one I will take next year because my semester this year closes on June 9th and it's rapidly approaching and I have to complete a lot of work and extra credit before I get promoted. I'm in virtual school by the way.

  1. PsyDAG

    Do you have any long term goals that might fit either one? Journalism will enhance your writing skills, and Creative Photography should enhance you artistic abilities. Which is more important to you?

  2. Anonymous

    Probably journalism because I'm not very artistic. The teachers I had for language arts over the years always said that I'm a very good writer.Also, a lot of people said that I take really nice pictures that's why I was struggling. Well, thank you for your help and I'll do some more research before making my decision. Sorry for the delayed response.

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