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Thank you for your help. Did you have a good weekend? I have some more questions.

1. Take time and look upward at night.
2. ___________ and look upward at night.
(What other similar expressions can we use in the blank?)

3. Point your foot backward.
4. _______ your foot backward.
(What other similar expressions can we use in the blank?)

5. Don't go back.
6. Don't go backward.
(Are both the same in meaning?)

  1. Reed

    "Take a moment to look upward at night." "Stop and look upward..,"

    #4 - I can't think of another way to say it, but there probably are some.

    5 & 6, yes, both mean the same. The way I would use the words "back" and "backward" might mean something different, though. To go back might mean to return to a geographical place as well as to return to old ideas. "You were robbed in that hotel. Don't go back there!"

    To go backward would mean less a geographical place than in ways of thinking or ideas. "Women were once prevented from having a voice in public affairs. Don't go backward and exclude women again."

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