U.S. History (Check)(REED)

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1. Why did nativist feelings increase in the 1920's?

A: Nativist feelings increased in the 1920s because many Americans saw immigrants as a threat to stability and order. Immigrants also created competition for jobs for demobilized American veterans.

2. Name 5 aspects of New Morality.

1. Glorified youth.
2. Glorified personal freedom.
3. Challenged traditional ways of seeing and thinking.
4. Emphasized independence.
5. Influenced various aspects of American society.

3. What things did the new morality stress?

A: The new mortality stressed youth and personal freedom.

(Should I include independence?)

  1. Reed

    I'm not sure what the difference is between personal freedom and independence is. They seem synonymous.

    Your answers all look good. The New Morality also (in challenging authority) involved situational ethics as opposed to hard and fast rules of what is always moral. Do with that what you will, and go with what your text materials emphasize.

  2. Victoria

    For one of the answers in #2, should I change "emphasized independence" for "gave women a sense of independence" or "linked the ideas of romance, pleasure, and friendship to successful marriages"?

  3. Victoria

    Or maybe "ideals of those of the loving family and personal satisfaction"?

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