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Suppose that 100.0 g of ice a 0 degreesC are added to 300.0 g of water at 25.0 degrees . Is this sufficient ice to lower the temperature of water to 5.00 degrees C and still have ice remaining? Calculate the energy (heat) which must be removed from water to achieve the desired temperature change, and the "prove" that there is or is not sufficient ice to cool the water. Use the specific heat capacity of water(4.184J/g*C) and the heat of fusion of ice (335 J/g).

so far i have 0.00055787= 4.184/(300)(25.00)
and 335/100= 3.35
but i don't know what these mean or how to even answer this question.

  1. bobpursley

    I would just do this. Find the final temperature. The sum of the heats gained is zero.
    100Hf+100cw(Tf-0)+ 300cw(Tf-25)=0
    solve this equation for Tf.

  2. Sage

    would now be the time to as you what Hf and cw mean?

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