Social Studies check my answers please

posted by Sarah W.

1. Who invented the sewing machine?

A.Elias Howe*******
B.Robert Fulton
C.Samuel Morse
D.John Deere

Answer A.

2. By 1860 the Midwest and the east were united by a network of_____?

A. Roads
B. Railroad tracks****
C. Canals
D. Steam-powered ships

Answer B

3. Which invention filled the need for a method of communication that kept up with the industrial growth and fast-paced travel?

A. Cotton grin
B. Telegraph*****
C. Steam engine
D. Railroad

Answer B

4. By 1860 the United States had almost 31,000 ______?

A. Clipper ships
B. Miles of Telegraph lines
C. Canals
D. Miles of rail road tracks*****

Answer D

Please just check my work and if you see something wrong don't just say wrong please tell me which one. I think they are all right.

  1. bobpursley

    all ok

  2. Sarah W.

    Thank you!

  3. lamp


  4. Susan

    lamp is correct! 100% correct! Just took the quiz and got a 100%

  5. Cancer

    100% Thanks lamp

  6. Lolzypops

    It's these answers:

    1.) A.
    2.) B.
    3.) B.
    4.) D.

    I am confirming 'lamp'. He/she is correct.

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