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Match Each word by definition by filling in the correct letter.

Word Bank
a.) Wise
b.) Deceptively Charming
c.) Enormous
d.) Passion
e.) Sound; fit
f.) Competing
g.) Awe-inspiring
h.) Sinister; threatening

1.) Ardor

2.) Sage

3.) Contending

4.) Prodigious

5.) Foreboding

  1. Reed

    1 - yes
    2 - yes
    3 - no
    4 - yes
    5 - yes

  2. Help!

    Do you think i could put the same letter twice? I want to put H for 3 as well.

  3. Writeacher


  4. Thili

    1 - Test: Europe 1 Unit Test

    1. c.
    2. d.
    3. b.
    4. a.
    5. b.
    6. a.
    7. e.
    8. d.
    9. c.
    10. D
    11. A
    12. C
    13. B
    14. C
    15. C
    16. B
    17. C
    18. C
    19. C
    20. C
    21. B
    22. A
    23. C
    24. B
    25. B
    26. B
    27. ESSAY...

  5. F1r3B3ar

    Losers!! I need the answer for 3!!

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