posted by Rose

Could someone what do they mean by this question please.How does their work force reflect their global strategy?

  1. Ms. Sue

    What is the context?

    Which part of that question don't you understand?

  2. Reed

    Whose workforce?

  3. Rose

    We are talking for example McDonald's how does their work force reflect their global strategy?

  4. Reed

    What is their global strategy?

  5. Rose

    Its McDonald's

  6. Ms. Sue

    The workers at my local McDonald's have nothing to do with the McDonald's in 115 different countries in the world.

  7. jolly rancher

    Their workforce is likely very diverse in terms of religion, ethnicity, gender, etc.

    What does that say about their global strategy?

    Does it imply that McDonalds would like to continue expanding into more countries by promising the local population jobs?

    Think about McDonalds objectives and remember they're in it to make money.

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