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1. Which word best completes the following question?

Que dia _____ hoy?
a. soy
b. eres
c. es***
d. somos

2. Which word best completes the response to the following question?

De donde eres?
_____ de Colombia

a. soy
b. eres***
c. sois
d. son

which word best completes the following statement?

Ellos _____ Catolicos

a. soy
b. eres
c. es
d. son***

Just checking my answers:)
*** - My Answer


  1. Anonymous

    2 is wrong.

  2. Kaai97

    so is #2 a?

  3. Ms. Sue

    Yes, 2 A

  4. Julie

    they are all right I think! good luck

  5. Phoenix

    1.c (es)

    2.a (soy)

    3.d (son)

    4.d (blade steak)

    (people if all ages and income levels walk as a means of transportation in the spanish-speaking world)

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you.

  7. UR MOM

    he is right

  8. random

    well you forgot the moms teaching it

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