posted by Anne

Need help with this please.

what percent of 2 2/3 is 3/4?

.75/2.6 = x/100
2.6x/2.6 = 75/2.6

answer I came to is 28.846153, is this correct. Need assistance

  1. Ms. Sue

    No. It's not right.

    (2 2/3)x = 3/4

    (8/3)x = 3/4

    x = (3/4) / (8/3)

    x = (3/4)* (3/8)

    x = 9/32

  2. Anne

    Ms. Sue just so I understand should the answer be just 9/32 or 9/32%. thanks for your help.

  3. Ms. Sue

    Oh, I'm sorry, but I forgot to put it into a percent.


    9/32 = 0.281 = 28%

  4. Anne

    thanks so much Ms. Sue

  5. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome, Anne.

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