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Mrs. Smith's classroom can hold at the most 30 students. Her first period class had 4 boys for every 3 girls. When 3 boys and 1 girl were added to the class, the new ratio became 3 boys to 2 girls. How many total students are now in the class? Show all work and explain the process.

  1. Reiny

    original class:
    number of boys = 4x
    number of girls = 3x

    new class:
    boys --- 4x+3
    girls --- 3x + 1

    (4x+3)/(3x+1) = 3/2
    9x + 3 = 8x + 6
    x = 3

    original class
    boys = 12
    girls = 9 , notice ratio = 12:9 = 4:3

    new class
    boys = 15
    girls = 10
    , new ratio = 15:10 = 3:2

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