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Explain the point of view for each of the following:

A. Participant 1: teenager
Partcipant 2: father
Situation: family car on a date

A: The teenager is excited to be driving the family car on his date.
The father is worried that some damage may come upon the car.

B. Participant 1: English teacher
Participant 2: high school student
Situation: assignment of a heavy classic to read

A: The English teacher is excited to be reading and analyzing the heavy classic in his class. The high school student dreads having to read the heavy classic for homework.

C. Participant 1: a popular performer
Participant 2: another popular performer
Situation: music awards

C. The first popular performer is hopeful of his chances to win. The other popular performer secretly hopes the first performer losses.

D. Participant 1: driver
Participant 2: police officer
Situation: illegal parking

A: The driver is angry because he did not realize that he parked illegally. The police officer is indifferent because he comes across far too many people that pretend they didn't realize what they were doing.

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    I agree with your points of view.

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    There are other possibilities in each scenario, but these sound plausible, especially C.

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