Go Math grade 6

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The Webster family is planning a barbecue for one hundred people. The Webster family needs one plastic plate for each person at the barbecue. The Stop and Shop store and Market Place Store both sell plastic plates in packages of fifteen for five dollars and forty-eight cents per package. How many packages of plastic plates does the Webster family need to buy?

Packages of plastic plates are on sale for one-half off regular price at the Stop and Shop store.Packages of plastic plates are on sale for buy one, get one free at the Market Place store. Which store is offering the better buy for plastic plates?

The Market Place store will sell certain items in bulk. If you buy the plates in cartons of four packages of plates,the store will discount the full carton $2.00. You may only buy full cartons.They will not split cartons for this extra savings. Would buying this way save the family money at the sale price? Show all your mathematical thinking.

  1. Ms. Sue

    100 / 15 = 6.67 = 7 packages

    7 * 5.48 = 38.36 regular price

    7 (5.48 / 2) = 19.18 at Stop and Shop

    4 * 5.48 = 21.92 at Market Place

    I'll leave it to you to figure the last problem.

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