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posted by rhidicde

Can anyone help me with this question? (: I was sick the day the class went over these questions, so I would like to have some short answers to these, to study for my quiz on Huckleberry Finn.

•Does Huck need Jim as much as Jim needs Huck?
•Why do Huck and Jim love their life on the river?
•Why does Huck try to save the “rapscallions” aboard the Walter Scott?

  1. Reed

    Have you read the book?

  2. Writeacher

    Read, read, read.

    If you let us know what YOU THINK for answers, someone here might be able to check your work.

  3. Reed

    I really recommend you read the book, not just the Sparknotes. It's considered by some as the greatest American novel. If you had read it, you would be able to think about these qustions and answer them.

  4. rhidicde

    yes, I have read the book! I know what i want to write, I just need a bit of help on how to form it and make it "flow"

  5. Writeacher

    You write what you think, and someone will be able to critique it for you.

  6. Reed

    Okay! Write a draft of what you want to say, then one of us will critique it. :)

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