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How can you determine if the given lines are perpendicular?

Line 1: (-1,3) and (3,-3)

Line 2: (-3,0) and (3,3)

A)determine if they have slopes with opposite values***
B)determine if they have the same slope
C)determine if the product of their slope is 1
D)determine if the product of their slope is -1

Please check my answer?

  • Math Please help Ms. Sue -

    I'm not Ms. Sue (sorry), but your answer is correct. :)

  • Math Please help Ms. Sue -

    Thank you for your help! (=

  • Math Please help Ms. Sue -

    The answer is D

  • Math Please help Ms. Sue -

    the right answer is D

  • Math Please help Ms. Sue -

    Thanks PAT and snow, the correct answer is D.

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