Social Studies

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1. ) At the height of Topa Inca's rule, how many people lived in the Incan Empire?

a. ) 100,000
b. ) 2 million
c. ) 12 million
d. ) 200 million

2. ) Like many modern-day countries, Incan nobles conducted a ____ so that people could be taxed.

a. ) competition
b. ) research study
c. ) quipu
d. ) census

Please help me I have bad grades and I honestly could use a boost c:

My answers are

1. ) A
2. ) B

  1. Ms. Sue

    Both answers are wrong.

    Please read your text materials.

  2. Helper

    These are right, I checked.

  3. Verified Answers

    Here is the answers for the quick check


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