posted by Jamie

Even though I asked this before, can you please help me with this and yes it's a crossword puzzle. My teacher gave us clues that don't really help at all and I've looked back in my textbook but I can't find the words for each clue.

1.Equality of Sexes 7 letters. the 5th letter is an E
2.To bring slavery into politics 12 letters. the 4th letter is an E
3.Unionism with politics 16 letters .
4.Put in here if you can't pay your debts 11 letters. the 6th letter is an R and the 11th letter is a L

  1. Reed

    4 - debtor's jail?

    Nothing else I can think of seems to fit. "Feminism" is more than 7 letters, "workers' rights" doesn't fit, "free something may fit the slavery clue, but I can't think "free what". Sorry.

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