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Can anybody help me figure out what is progressive and considered progressivism in this video.

American Experience TR, The Story of Theodore Roosevelt Part4 4 PBS Documentary

  1. Reed

    TayB, I don't have the video at hand, although I saw it on PBS a year or so ago. I can refer you (again) to a site that explains Progressivism in the Roosevelt era, then you have to put 2 and 2 together to figure it out for yourself. Okay? Wait a minute while I look up the website or sites that can help you. BRB

  2. TayB

    Ok that would help. Thank you. I did watch the link. Its just hard to figure out what in the video is progressive

  3. Reed




    Hint: What TR was most noted for was taking on monopolies and "busting" them through anti-trust efforts. The object was to protect small businesses and workers from rapacious big business that used nefarious means to put smaller businesses out of business, nd take advantage of workers. The minimum wage, child labor laws, the 40-hour week were results of the Progressive movement. What's in the video, I don't remember precisely, but watch it and look for some of these things.

  4. Reed

    And read what those articles the links connect to.
    They explain Progressivism better than I can do in a sentence or two here.

  5. Reed

    Keep in mind, also, that Progressive legislation came during, mostly, three presidential administrations: TR, Taft, and Wilson. The vid. and the White House link will tell you what happened in TR's administration.

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