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According to the text, why should teachers of young children share science activities with parents?
A. Everybody should know the facts of science.
B. Parents want to learn science.
C. Science relates to all aspects of a child's life.
D. Parents are their children's first teachers.

my answer is d.

  1. Ms. Sue

    I would go with C, but I don't know what your text says.

  2. DrBob222

    What does your book say. "According to the text," tells me the answer is in your text.

  3. lauren

    I am looking

  4. lauren

    after I reread the chapter I believe the answer is c.

  5. Ms. Sue

    I agree with C.

  6. DrBob222

    I agree with choice c, also, but frankly I don't think much of the answers. In my opinion all of the answer are true (well, maybe B is not that true). I liken these answers to walking in a mine field and you're having to choose between quite similar answers to come up with the correct one.

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