posted by Amy


Could you please help me with this problem???

  1. Brady

    (3^2 + (8/4 + 4^2))

    Parenthesis first:

    (8/4 + 4^2)

    8/4 = 2
    4^2 = 16

    Now add the totals.

    (2 + 16) = (18)

    Now you should have:

    (3^2 + (18))

    Now solve 3^2:

    3^2 = 9

    Now you should have:

    (9 + (18))

    Now add the two numbers.

    9 + 18 = 27

    So, 27 is the answer.

    I hope this helps! :)

  2. Amy


  3. Brady

    You're welcome, Amy. :)

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