Constutional Law

posted by breeamberr

I have two question i am having trouble with! and explain 3 elements that must be considered before drafting language to amend the U.S Constitution?

I came up with:
The action being taken
The necessity of said action
The intent of the amendment

i need help explaining, or giving examples of these 3 elements!

2.List 2 primary paths you would pursue to amend the U.S Constution and cite the applicable sections of the constitution

(where can i find examples to answer this?)


  1. Ms. Sue

    The 26th Amendment is easy to understand.
    The action was lowering the voting age to 18.
    It was deemed necessary because 18-year-olds were being drafted into the armed forces.
    The intent was the same as the action.


  2. Reed

    For question 2, have you read the constitution at all? It'd all in there.

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