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Wind can affect the speed of an airplane. Suppose a plane is flying
round-trip from New York City to San Francisco.The plane has a
cruising speed of 300 miles per hour.The wind is blowing from west to
east at 30 miles per hour.
When the plane flies into (in the opposite direction of) the wind, its
speed decreases by 30 miles per hour.When the plane flies with (in the
same direction as) the wind, its speed increases by 30 miles per hour.

a. The distance between New York City and San Francisco is
3,000 miles. Make a table that shows the total time the plane has
traveled after each 200-mile interval on its trip from New York City
to San Francisco and back.

  1. Steve

    well, you know that flying east-to-west, the plane goes 270 mi/hr
    going to the east, it flies at 330 mi/hr.

    So, just make your table for each 200-mile interval. That's 15 entries in each direction.

  2. oii


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