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the sum of the ages of sam and tomas is 27 years. seven years ago, tomas was three years more than one-fourth as old as sam. find their present age

  1. Reiny

    Let Sam's age 7 years ago be s
    let Tom's age 7 years ago be t

    s+7 + t+7 = 27
    s+t = 13 ---> t = 13-s

    "seven years ago, tomas was three years more than one-fourth as old as sam"
    --- t = (1/4)s + 3
    13-s = (1/4)s + 3
    times 4
    52 - 4s = s + 12
    -5s = -40
    s = 8

    so 7 years ago Sam was 8 and Tom was 5

    So NOW they are 15 and 12

    Check :
    is the sum of their present ages 27
    15+12 = 27 , check!

    7 years ago, is Tom 3 more than 1/4 of Sam's age
    1/4 of Sam= 2
    3 more than that is 5, which was Tom's age, check!!

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