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1. The best way to describe fitness is:

being slim and low in body fat
being big, strong, and “buffed”
being flexible and having a sense of overall well-being ***

all of the above

2. The best way to describe wellness is:

making positive choices ***
folding under peer pressure
rigorous exercise
daily meditation

3. Before embarking on a physical exercise program it is important to:

lose weight
find a friend to work out with
consider your likes and dislikes
all of the above ***

4. Physiological refers to the:

none of the above

5. It is not necessary to identify your strengths and weaknesses before starting an exercise program because
it can be discouraging and depressing.

True ***

6. The best exercise is the one that you enjoy the most.

False ***

7. If you work out with weights, and are not very flexible, it is not necessary to participate in a stretching activity,
as long as you warm-up before your exercise session.

True ***

8. Wellness is described as the ability to participate in intense cardiovascular exercise.


9. Identifying your likes and dislikes is an important element to consider when planning your exercise program.

True ***

10. Sociological factors refer to Social needs, social behaviors, and social problems.

True ***

  1. Ms. Sue

    I either disagree or am not sure of your answers for these questions: 3, 6, 7. Check your book again.

  2. Dr.Montgomery

    The answers are positively wrong. %\10 are right

  3. J

    They wrong. Here's right

  4. Ben

    Just wanted to say that this guy is wright, Its not 10% its 80% Thank you so much keep up the good work!

  5. flex

    J is 100% right. Just took the test and got them all right

  6. Lily

    J is 100% right! Thank you so muchhhh J!!

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