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2a^2 + 6ab^2-12a^2b^3 divided by 24ab
-2a^2/-24ab + 6ab^2/24ab--12a^2b^3/24ab=
-12ab^2 +12a +4b

  • algebra -

    -2a^2 / 24ab is not -12ab

    It is -a/12b
    because you have -(2a)(a) / (2a)(12b)
    and the 2a's cancel

    6ab^2/24ab = (6ab)(b) / (6ab)(4) = b/4

    12a^2b^3 / 24ab = (12ab)(ab^2) / (12ab)(2) = ab^2/2

    Looks like you have some serious practice ahead. You can enter your expressions in to check your answers.

    Be sure to watch how it interprets your input, and use extra parentheses as needed!

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