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Math. Help Thanks!

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Hot dogs and Hamburgers:

The caterer for your class picnic charges $1 for each hotdog and $2 for each hamburger. You have $48 to spend. Write a model that shows the different numbers of hot dogs and hamburgers that you could purchase...

2.) Airplane landing: An Airplane's altitude is 100 feet as it is descending for a landing on a runway whose touchdown point is 5000 feet away. Let the x-axis represent the distance on the ground and the y-axis represent the airplane's altitude.

3.) WRITE AN EQUATION of the line that follows the path of the airplane's descent.

  • Math. Help Thanks! -

  • Math. Help Thanks! -

    But Ms.Sue I need help with 2 and 3 please

  • Math. Help Thanks! -

    since the plane descends 100 feet as it travels 5000 feet, clearly the slope is

    -100/5000 = -0.02

    so, since y=100 when x=0,

    y = 100-0.02x

    Note that when x=5000, y = 0, and we have touchdown.

  • Math. Help Thanks! -

    THankyou Mr.Steve!

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