Math - More Precision and Significant Digits

posted by Brady

Please help me with the following problems:

3. Choose the more precise measurement.

6 cm or 2.5 cm

I think it is 2.5 cm. Is this correct?

7. Choose the less precise measurement and explain why it is less precise.

2.8 mm or 3.79 mm

I think the answer is 3.79 mm. Is this correct?

10. Find each sum or difference. Round to the place value of the less precise measurement.

7 cm – 4.4 cm

A. 11 cm

B. 10 cm

C. 3 cm

D. 2.6 cm

I think the answer is C. Is this correct?

Please help me by checking my answers. Any help will be again appreciate!! :)

  1. Brady

    3. is 2.5 cm, I finally figured it out.

    7. is 3.79 mm, I finally figured that one out as well.

    For 10, I just need help on still, so can someone please check my answer for it.

  2. Brady

    Actually, for 7, I meant to say 2.8 mm. I realized my mistake for it.

  3. Brady

    Never-mind!!! I got all of them correct!!! So, I don't need anyone to check any of them anymore. :D

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