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Programming Logic and Design

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This is my 3rd time posting this problem because I didn't get any help before...assistance would be appreciated.
Create the logic for a program that calculates and displays the amount of money you would have if you invested $3000 at 2.65 percent interest for one year.
Create a separate method to do the calculation and display the result.

  • Programming Logic and Design -

    input amount money invested:
    input interest rate in decimal format:
    input time in years:

    compute value=Money*(1+interest)^time

    display value
    Print" That's all Doc"

  • Programming Logic and Design -

    num balance
    balance = computeBalance()
    output "After one year the balance is", balance
    balance = computeBalance()
    num computeBalance()
    num balance
    num PRINCIPAL = 3000
    num INTEREST_RATE = (add interest rate)
    balance = PRINCIPAL * (1 + INTEREST_RATE)
    return balance

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