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If a bicycle wheel has traveled f/π feet after n complete revolutions, what is the length in feet of the diameter of the bicycle wheel?
A. f/nπ^2
B. π^2/fn
C. nf/π^2
D. nf/π^2
E. f/n

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    n rotations = f/π ft
    1 rotation = fπ/n ft

    2πr = fπ/n
    r = f/(2n) ft
    diameter = 2r = f/n ft

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    thanks reiny

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    (F/pi) N rotation
    ? 1 rotation

    (F/ pi × N)feet

    C= 2pi r
    (F/ pi × N) = 2pi r
    r = ( F/ 2(pi^2)N)

    Answer....Dia = F/(pi N^2)

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