posted by Mari

Please check and see if my answer are correct

1). 24v^2w^5x^8-20v^7w^9= -4v^2w^5(5v^5w^4-6x^8)

2). 81-25z^2= (5z+9)(9-5z)

3). 5y^3-7y^2-15y+21=(y^2-3)(5y-7)

4). x^2+4x-12= (x+6)(x-2)

5). 3x^2-26x+16= (x-8)(3x-2)

6).4v^6+6v^5-18v^4= 2v^4(2v-3)(v+3)

7). solve for y
y^2+6y+8=0 y= -2,-4

8).2v^2+4v-14=(v+1)^2= v=3,-5

Please check these for me

  1. Steve

    all correct.

    Though I'd have written #2 as (9+5z)(9-5z) to associate it more readily with the difference of two squares.

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