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Adolescent women are most likely to use contraception:
During their first experience of sexual intercourse. My answers is A
If they already have one baby.
If they have been involved in a steady relationship.
If they have just met their sexual partners.

  • psychology (check answer) -

    I couldn't find any statistics about this question.

    What does your book say?

  • psychology (check answer) -

    IT is somewhat curious on c. Research has indicated that teens are more likely than their peers to use contraception when in a steady relationship, unless their partener is more than three years older, in which they are less likely to use effective contraception regularity.

    A is most definitely wrong. Passion prevents planning.
    D. is most definitely wrong.

    Leaving C and b. The problem with b is that many of those babies were the result of not thinking, nor controlling, nor understanding how to use contraception correctly, and consistently. So one mistake does not preclude a second.

    c. I vote for c, assuming it means.."f they are involved in a steady relationship with a partner near their age. Research tell us that.

    So, make your choice. If I were the teacher, I would have more carefully worded c.

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