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A tire company determines that to manufacture a certain type of tire, it costs $9000 to set up the production process. Each tire that is produced costs $21 in material and labor. The company sells this tire to wholesale distributors for $49 each.

(a) Find a linear function C that models the total cost

of producing x tires.

C(x) =

I got 9000+21x

(b) Find a linear function R that models the revenue

Not sure

from selling x tires.

R(x) =

Also not sure

(c) Find a linear function P that models the profit P(x) from selling x tires. [Note: profit = revenue − cost.]

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    C = 9000 + 21 x yes

    Revenue = R = 49 x

    P = 49 x - 21 x - 9000
    P = 28 x - 9000

    now for some reason they did not asdk how ma tires must be sold to break even but it would be
    P = 0
    28 x = 9000
    x = 9000/28

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