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I need 2 similarities and 2 differences of migration today and migration in the 1800s?

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    Human migration? Animal migration

    Do you need migration within a country or between countries? Which countries?

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    Nah it wasn't specific. It just asks to describe at least two similarities and two differences between American migration today and migration in the mid 1800s. I think just in general.

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    oh and it means human migration

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    People have always migrated to get a better life -- usually for jobs or escape from violence.

    People from northern and western Europe were the most numerous immigrants in the mid-1800s. Many were Irish.

    Today --


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    Ok I got the differences. I need one more similarity though. For the first similarity I put they both migrate to better their lives. What should I put for the second one

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    Be more specific about better lives. Many immigrated in the 1800s because of the potato famine and people were starving to death. In the U.S., there were food and lives. One of my ancestors came from Germany because he didn't want to serve in the military. Others came because of cheap land.

    Today we see people immigrating to the U.S. to escape drug-related violence, civil wars, and poverty. The U.S. has jobs -- even for undocumented immigrants. The family of a Korean friend immigrated a few years ago so that the children could receive a better education.

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    there were food and lives.

    That should be food and JOBS.

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