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why is the following situation impossible? a normally proportioned adult walk briskly along a straight line in the +x direction, standing straight up and holding his right arm vertical and next to his body so that the arm does not swing. his right hand holds a ball at his side a distance h above the floor. when the ball passes above a point marked as x=0 on the horizontal floor, he opens his fingers to release the ball from rest relative to his hand. the ball strikes the ground for the first time at position x= 7.00 h.

  • physics -

    yes, possible, given he and the ball had in initial velocity.

    Time it takes to fall h meters:
    h=1/2 g t^2

    t=sqrt (2h/g)

    velocity intial= distance/time= 7h/sqrt(2h/g)=

    velocity initial= 1/sqrt(2/hg)

    so if h initial= 1meter, then velocity
    is 7/sqrt(1/4.9)= 7sqrt(4.9)= about 15m/s which is a really brisk walk. I cant run half that fast.

  • Science -

    Aplastic walk his two sides that measures 4 cm, 2 can, and 3 cm. it's mass is 19.2 g. Predict the block will float in water. Will it float in all of oil? Gather information before making a production.

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