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Dylan hangs a calendar on a refrigerator with a magnetic hook. Unfortunately, the magnet is too weak, so the magnet and calendar slide down the side of the refrigerator to the floor with an acceleration of magnitude 3ms2. If the coefficient of sliding friction between the magnet and the refrigerator is 0.1, what is the magnitude of the total vertical force the refrigerator exerts on the magnet? The mass of the magnet is 0.05kg and the mass of the calendar is 0.1kg. There is no contact between the calendar and the refrigerator.

If needed, g=10ms2.

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    You can take the system of calendar-magnet and you have :
    W1+W2-T=(m1+m2)*a=> T = 1.05 N

    Then, T=ì*N=>N=10.5N must be the answer you are looking for.

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    this answer is wrong

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