Physics- check answer please

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I am supposed to fill in the blanks without a word bank.

1. I you push a crate with 40 N of force at an angle of 30 degrees and your friend pushes with a force of 40 N horizontally, the amount of work you are doing is _____ the amount of work your friend is doing on the crate

my answer: equal to

2. Kinetic friction does ____ work on moving objects

my answer: negative

3. as you carry books across the room, the work done by gravity on the books is ____

my answer: 9.8 N/kg

  • Physics- check answer please -

    1. F1 = 40*cos30=34.64 N., Horizontally.

    F2 = 40N., Horizontally.

    My answer: less than.

    2. My answer: its'

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