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math please help

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Limit as x approaches zero of (sinx-(x^3/6)/x^5)

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    I assume you forgot the parentheses in the numerator,

    Lim (sin(x)-(x^3/6))/x^5 as x->0

    It would be easy to change sin(x) to a polynomial, the limits of which are easy to find.

    If you expand sin(x) by Taylor's series, you'd get

    So the expression becomes
    (x-2x³/6+x^5/120-x^7/5040+...)/x^5 as x->0

    which gives +∞

    However, if the question had been

    Lim (sin(x)-(x-x³/6))/x^5, the result would be 1/120

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